Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Global Network Enables Cross-Cultural Solutions

President Obama's recent speech from Cairo set a new foundation for U.S.-Muslim relations and generated excitement for progress and cross-cultural collaboration on the complex challenges that face our growing and globalizing world. It is clear that our President's speech moves us closer towards a more global community better equipped to address the economic and development challenges that transgress geographic boundaries, ethnicities, religions, and cultural preferences.

As part of the network of global actors, The Global Fairness Initiative(GFI) views the renewal of U.S. - Muslim relations as an opportune moment to expand our work in Northern Africa and the Middle East. As Obama boldly proclaimed, "our common prosperity will be advanced by allowing all humanity, men and women, to reach their full potential." GFI's mission is to create economic opportunity and improve livelihoods for the world's working poor. Employing a multi-stakeholder approach that includes engagement with governments, civil society actors, workers, and the private sector, GFI is working to ensure that the world's most vulnerable workers do achieve their full potential. As Muslim & Arab nations face similar challenges in generating sustainable economic opportunities for their citizens, GFI looks forward to new partners in our mission to reduce poverty word-wide.

With the foundation laid for a cooperative and more harmonious world society, one cannot help but be excited by the possibilities for development efforts. In an ever shrinking world, poverty and injustice anywhere is a threat to livelihoods everywhere. GFI has created a concrete plan to empower those in poverty, ultimately working to improve livelihoods and create economic opportunity. With small efforts bridging cultures, the world can become a more righteous place, providing opportunity and enabling the underprivileged to reach their full potential.

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